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Why do dudes find it entertaining to shoot chicks in the *** with air soft guns?
my bro n his friends did this to ma friends wat does this mean????????
Hey don't lump all "dudes" in with your idiot brother.

Answer: They're idiots, it doesn't mean anything.
Why is it when I pet my cat he raises his *** in the air?
If I pet him real fast I'll bet I could jack up my car and change a tire.
Dude, all cats do that... And my family's dog?! My family's dog always backs up to get petted, and if you pet her at the very back end of her back right about the tail she starts singing. She's way more vocal than most Golden Retrievers. It's weird too, you know she wants you to pet her there, but it's like your rubbing the lowest part of someone's back in a massage, someone you don't want to touch like that....

I hate this level 1 no thumbs up crap!
Is My dream of a bad *** pair of air soft armor possible?
i want some armor to go play in air soft wars, but i was thinking of something black with the punisher skull on the front,i know on ebay i can get the same mask ghost has from modern warfare 2, and a new era punisher hat, does this sound like a dream or do they really have that cool armor in reality?, the mask and the hat i know exist but the armor, does or doesen't?
Nah, but you can spray your own no problem; just buy some black armour, then cut the skull out of cardboard. Put the cardboard over the armour, so the only bits of the armour you can see are the bits you want to spray, then just spray =D.

Hope this helps
When you stroke a cat why does it stick it's *** in the air?
i mean srsly wtf r wrong with da cats =o
i don't know my cats do it all the ******* time weird cats
The Tower of Doom, at Elitch Gardens in Denver, Colorado, lifts 15 people 50 m into the air. The engineers ***?
The Tower of Doom, at Elitch Gardens in Denver, Colorado, lifts 15 people 50 m into the air. The engineers assume the average person has a mass of 70 kg. (24 points)
A. How much rider weight does the ride lift into the air? (Neglect the weight of the cars and air resistance.) (4 points)
A. this is not a location question and B. do your own homework.
How can I get my cat to relax when its in heat?
She just keeps rubbing up on everything and moaning and ******* sticking her *** in the air. This goes on for a week every ******* month! How can I get her to relax a little besides getting her fixed?
You're guyding? She only has 2 options for a 'cure'. One is pregnancy, the other is spaying. Her behavior will keep on till one of these is done. Preferably you will take responsibility for her & get her spayed. It will be cheaper in the long run, when you consider the expenses of feeding, getting shots for, litter, etc, for all the babies she would have.
She will appreciate that you cared for her enough to help her. She is not happy, she is miserable.
I'm looking for a kick *** cake baker in Bel Air MD. Know anyone?
I need a cake for my ds who is turing one next month. Stephanie's Sweets I was told that they stopped making cakes 9 months ago. And Bel Air bakery is out of the question, long story!
i remeber there was show on the food network about a baker in Charm city who bakes amazing cakes like, omg if you saw this guy bake. His cakes are amazing, but i dont remember his name or the name of the show =(
Why are jobs doing only electronic applications?
I think is so stupid to do this, One it totality ignores first impression, second it then takes forever to process, third why are managers afraid to say you are not able to work here. Does this make it easier to ignore people. Why cant people just drive to get an application.. Doesn't that show effort that you want this job? I want to know the best reason why business are doing this. It makes people wait and get there hopes high *** in the air and get nothing.
It is becuase there are applicants in bulk for every job. Now if the managers will be calling each and every person for this notification or any feedback than it will be a wastage of time and money from their prospective.
So what they do generally is avoid the applicants and keep them hovering for any information about job.
Why do some women, when squatting to urinate outdoors, hold their asses high in the air?
I was at an outdoor festival which--as usual--didn't have nearly enough bathrooms and porta-potties to go around, so many women and men were peeing in the great outdoors. Many women squatted with their asses only an inch or two from the ground, but I saw several who held them several inches above the ground. What's the difference? The same was true with the women who went in with the men and made use of the urinal trough.
This sounds like a personal problem to me. Let me ask you a question.
How many times do you shake your p****after you P. This is one of the silliest questions I have chose not to answer. U strike me as a man who would get off standing outside a stall in a woman's bathroom and listing to her P. I don;t think I am too far off the mark, right>

©, ass in the air